Winners Never Cheat And Cheaters Never win


Nowadays Few people like to fool and cheat others by doing flattery, showing off or being too loyal while doing this they think they are cunning and smart enough to disguise themselves. Nobody is noticing them their foxy behavior. They would easily use people like tools in their selfish ego workshop, but these tricksters forget that person they are fooling also has brain and senses. They are silent not because they are not noticing anything they are silent because they are watching you, they are good listeners, and they want to see to what extent you can fall from their eyes. They do not want to stoop down to your level. They are aware that you are mean and selfish your loyalty is not with them it’s only with your needs & desires once your needs will change so does your loyalty you are just manipulating everything.

Actually, in fooling others, these cheaters deceive themselves. They lose their worth and credibility. The opportunity and growth they can earn by learning they miss that. It is so difficult for them to come openly and authentically. Deep down they know they are dishonest! They hide behind lies and deceit. They keep running from themselves never accept their truth and reality! Their insecurities frustrate them quickly as they put all their energy behind their mean intentions, and ultimately they get what they deserve! People whom they were expecting much ignore them. They don’t allow imposters to create a mess or offend them. Foolers get fooled in their own game by deceiving and defeating themselves!

“The easiest way to be Cheated is to believe yourself to be more cunning than others.”


Relations- A Learning Trail


We come across several people either for some purpose or accidentally. They all leave some kind of impression on us temporary or permanent it depends on how and why we meet them. Neither all are bad, nor all are good they all are distinctive serving some purpose in our life. Either they will support us, encourage us, love us, help us or they will disappoint us, hurt us, judge us or hate us, but they all have something in them to teach and make us much better individual than yesterday. Our biggest test is to deal with them, as much as they influence us at the same time we influence them. It takes patience and efforts to understand someone’s thought process and expectations. They all help us to discover who we are.

Growth and learning are the collective efforts. If we are alone, we won’t be able to bring out our best but when these people interact with us, touch our lives in some way they help us to make our personality complete by letting us know our weakness and strength, our positive side and our negative side. Both Positive and negative relationships are similarly important in life.

Every experience counts in life nothing is for granted. Positive relationship uplifts us, motivate us, appreciate us embrace our imperfections while negative relationship will teach more about us and our life. It tells us about our preferences and encourage us to make better choices in life. Saying let it go is really easy than accepting it. It needs self-control to make it happen. It is so easy to have believed in lies and illusion, but it is tough to face the reality. It is so easy to blame and fight with others, but it is more challenging to fight within. Make sure to make gold pure and shiny, it must be passed through fire. Life is a school it will keep testing you on every stage. Wrong is preparing you for the right. You may not have control over the all the tests, but you can either let the lesson wrack you or empower you!

I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

— Marilyn Monroe


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Is It Easy To Forgive?


We always hear people advising us to forgive, let it go.. move on. I also passed through such situation where I thought, Is it really easy to overlook someone’s mistake? We all are a human being, and no one is perfect, we all make mistakes. We can quickly forget and forgive routine mistakes, we let go them as they don’t impact on our life or feelings for long but what if our feelings, trust got shattered? For me when it comes to emotions, it is tough! Can a word sorry heal all the pain and shattered feelings? No definitely not! Maybe, the person who is asking for forgiveness can feel serenity but not that person whom they bothered by their deeds. I usually ask myself what is the meaning of forgiveness? To say it’s ok or something more than that, after forgiving someone do we actually feel peace without any hard feelings?

Forgiveness is a healing process means releasing the anger, hatred, bitterness and negative feelings that we have been carrying around for someone. After forgiving them accept them with love, trust and move forward in life.

When my kid makes some mistake and says sorry, I forgive her, as I know there is no intention to give pain or bother anyone, but yeah I always teach her don’t use word ‘sorry’ as a weapon as one can tolerate your mistakes for once or twice not always. The meaning of sorry is not to repeat the same mistake. Don’t take word sorry for granted otherwise you will lose faith. How about us? Sometimes we make some mistakes repeatedly that hurts even the person whom we are hurting tries hard to give us wake-up call they try their best to stop us.  At that time we don’t think how it will impact on us or our beloved one, we leave our conscious behind. Our ego starts driving everything, One day when we realize what we were doing, we feel shame and ask for forgiveness. The person who is shattered say it’s ok as they don’t want us to feel the same pain, they don’t want to shatter us in the same way,  they don’t want to go in their deep memories those bitter memories still bother them.

Can we forgive ourselves? What about that guilt, pain which our consciousness is taking after realizing what we did? True, we can’t look into our eyes we can’t face that person. One of my friends asked me the same. I said repent is the best remedy in this situation. They looked me with surprise asked what? People always say don’t repent it gives disappointment, wasting time on the past and you are telling me to repent ? I said yes they are right at their place as if we are expressing repentance only by our words but not by our learning. It’s just wasting time over past and taking disappointments by lingering on the issue. The Pain of what happened is inevitable but to control that pain is only in our hands, by making our response similar to our feelings. Meet hatred with love.

When you hurt someone you apologize, but apologies can’t fulfill whatever they lost, their self-respect, shattered feelings most of all their trust, you may get forgiveness but not the same confidence. Whenever you confront that person they will always think can I count on this person the same way I did before, and it will remind them all the pain they tolerated. The pain runs deep inside the heart. Sorry, can’t remove scars. If you like to gain someone’s love and trust again, replace your ego with consciousness, make them happy with your behavior. A little smile on their face can change a lot, It will melt their anger and make them realize sorry is just not only a word for you it carries a lot. Their love, smile, and peace matters to you, your contentment. Every time you will see that person is smiling in front of you it will make you feel calm & fulfilling above all this little step will take us to their heart by passing through the bridge of trust!


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A Strong And Profound Bond!


Well, today I am feeling my majestic emotions are trapping me. I don’t want to release myself from this trap. This trap is not holding me back. It refuels me with the positive energy, making me more lively every passing minute. Each thread of this trap is knitted with love and affection. I want to close my eyes and revisit every moment of being a parent. After passing through a difficult period of nine months the first thing I noticed a crying voice that made me forgot all my pain. I touched my kid with fear what if I will hurt her, but somehow I gathered my confidence took her in my lap. Little beautiful eyes were staring saying me now you are not alone! I am your part, hug me! From today onwards we will walk together holding hands through every thick or thin. Keeping such a cute smile on the face where I want to lose myself.

Soon after few months, I can see my baby crawling and then walking holding finger tightly to fulfill her promise of togetherness. Her sweet voice cute talks which were not making any sense but still sense full for a mother. Remember that warm feeling when the kid is sleeping soundly in your lap worry free like saying you mom I am at the correct place this place is more peaceful than any other, let me be! Unintentionally your lips start to sing a lullaby to comfort them, to take them to beautiful dreamland. After waking up making a mess all over make you feel, that peace was a piece of warning storm is coming and, here it is!

When you feel tired sitting and relaxing little hands, touch your head gently and ask you, mom, let me press your head I know, I Am the reason of your headache, it immediately makes you smile that soft, soothing touch works kind of painkiller. That mischievous little kid changes into a beautiful, caring soul for the mother. Recalling the first time first day of school when we face separation anxiety; mom is always more worried than her kid! How my kid is doing in school. Will they eat their lunch properly? Every minute holds kid’s thought. After school dismissal, those sparkling eyes lively face tells you, come on mom I am good phew! 😅 All stress is gone. Your day starts with your sunshine and ends on their happy face. When they feel sad before they tell you anything you know what your child has gone through. When you ask them they look at you surprisingly mom how do you know? Your quick response because mom knows everything! The best part I enjoy when I feel my kid become my parent and teaching me in the same way I taught her! You silly mom! 🙃

Your kid is growing every day in front of your eyes and so their tantrums and their comments too. Soon they start to fight with you argue with you. I can hear everyday mom you are the worst! Why you are so particular about everything. Mom why you are so strict about discipline just chill.. mom you are mean I am making you proud, and you are not giving me gifts.. and gift list is bigger than their age. I won’t say that makes me feel good to hear. I know as a parent it is as necessary to nurture them properly raise them with ethical values as much as we enjoy their childhood so, I usually say my kid yes kiddo I am.. please bear with me, and her face is like aah why me?

A Few days later same angry, frustrated kid comes to you, put their arms around your neck tells you, mom, you are the best I know you are strict, but you see no one can be like you, you are my BFF just because of you I got this success. You deserve this more than me and makes you wear their success medals. Those moments make you speechless. Tears are rolling out of your eyes. These are happy tears lastly you got your most incredible reward selfless love of your kid! A robust, deep, profound bond! 💞 Nothing can beat this feeling. These feelings are powerful couldn’t stop to share. Just hoping every mom out there who is reading this is feeling them as intensely as I am..


Let’s make this lovely bond more strong and adorable by sharing beautiful moments of this bond! Share your mommy moments or some of your best memories you have with your mom. I can’t wait to hear from you! ❤️❤️




Does The Past Matter?


Does the past matter? Past does not matter, but past experiences always matter. If anyone asks me about my treasure I would surely answer past experiences, some of them are sweet, and some are sour. These experiences are vital to present. We gained these experiences by passing through a lot of hurdles. They help us to shape our personality, isn’t it? The lessons we learned from our past, we cannot learn by any other medium, they give a strong base to our perspective. None of us come down on this earth with knowledge, we all learn here only when we face this world. Time and circumstances become our teacher. We learn to manage ourselves, our emotions to manifest our thoughts into action which is very valuable learning in itself.

Remember all those fun-filled, learning childhood memories that we all are carrying today with us. Why we often try to recreate them? Apparently not only to live our childhood again but also for our kids to enjoy and experience them as well. We all know the childhood experience influences the development. The Lessons they are getting today will groom them and mold them for better tomorrow. Their thought process, their mindset, attitude, expectations, social behavior all are altered or shaped by the experiences they are taking today.

Can we make better present without past experience? Certainly not, in our present strategies we can clearly see the reflection of our past experience. My Father told me once never forget your past if you want to get success in the present. Your past will give you actual identity what you are and what you want to be? The more obstacles you have faced in the past, the more you are moving forward to achieve your best in the present. I took his words; now my past failure is my inspiration that made me much stronger and optimistic person in life. It not only helped me to understand myself better but also the other people I come across every day. Definitely, Our past experiences help us to understand their intentions in a better way. We evaluate them and treat them accordingly.

Our Past is our memory book, and every chapter has its own story and color. When we revisit we find few episodes we love to read, again and again, our actions not only inspire us but others too, few chapters are bitter they have memories that are heartbreaking even now we can feel the same pain and tears in our eyes. Few sections are colored with happiness and love we always love to cherish them. Our past gives us a better vision for the present. Our life is continuously trying to make us learn, what we need to know now, by letting us face the wounds in the past. Each scar has built strength, and endurance of our character. Our experience becomes our learning and our learning makes us more mature to think, behave and create our own life. The good things we are receiving today are the direct result of the things that have happened in the past. All the flowers of the tomorrow are in the seeds of today so try to fill all the beautiful rainbow colors in today to make this today magnificent, fruitful, and blissful for bright and sunny tomorrow, before it becomes a chapter of past.

We all have some sweet and sour memories of past. Let’s share this treasure that no one can steal. Share your memories in comments! I can’t wait to read them!

– Kranti



Are We Original?


Few days before, my kid and I were talking about social behavior; suddenly a thought ran through my head Are we original? Many of us have asked this question many times when we look at our reflection in the mirror. We all are carrying two faces, one for society in which we are living and one for ourselves, Who we are?

I did not fly out of my thinking, and my sister asked me a question, Why kids are so innocent? I replied as they are true to their soul, they never hide or feel shy to express their feelings. They do not care about what people might think. If they want to cry they cry, if they are happy they laugh loudly, even if they are scared they never hide they will hug us tightly, that’s why they look so peaceful and positive. After giving her reply, I asked myself, Do we express our emotions transparently? Usually when we want to cry we don’t, we hide our tears and shed them when we are alone Why? True, a person who cries either people tag them as weak personality or sympathize them, if we want to laugh loudly, we don’t because it has been declared inappropriate by the society. People will think we are crazy! When we feel scared, we want to hug our loved ones as kids do but we don’t, infect we always show we are strong and bold Why? Exactly as we don’t want to give any chance to anyone, to crack a joke on us or laugh at us.

Nature blessed us with the unique qualities, which make us original. Are we able to maintain those qualities? No, as we grow up, we lose those qualities or mold them to fulfill our desires. Sometimes we become a politician who believes in ‘divide and rule’ policy, we act diplomatically to achieve our goals, or sometimes we become good manipulator who manipulates all the principals to make the situation in their favor, to take the lead. We become so self-centered that we start to cheat and pull out others to confirm our success. We create such scenario and blame others Why? Very true, as we do not want to ruin our image, our position in society.

Why are we walking along with two faces? Actually, we are possessive about the society we live in. We don’t want to come out of our self-proclaimed image. We always like to judge others, but we don’t want to judge ourselves! We don’t want to correct our mistakes, that’s why we always try to justify us, in that process, we kill our conscience. In short, we are afraid to face ourselves. We don’t want to answer our deeds, do we?

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Is It Okay To Have Regrets?


We often say or hear, “Oh! I could have done better” or Why did I do this? We all make mistakes in our life. Few of them we acknowledge and correct and few linger with us. We keep holding on, keep regretting about them.

We all experience disappointment at sometime, isn’t it? When we regret we feel like we are stuck in that moment, life stopped there! We keep thinking about the same incident again and again, It’s like never ending loop. We start feeling disappointed as we cannot go in past and correct our mistake but the truth is we are not even living in present. That one moment of mistake occupies our mind and emotions. We start losing confidence, the fear of doing something wrong or taking wrong decisions pulls us back from doing something better and we again make a new mistake. More we try to make peace with ourselves more we become restless, invite panic, anxiety, hatred, and anger to be part of our life.

We often hear don’t regret move on! Is it easy to forget and move on? Obviously not, when we make mistake we accept that or not but that mistake leaves its mark behind whenever we try to move on it hit us again that reflects in our behavior and impact our decisions.

Does that mean we should stop our life and keep regretting? definitely no, infect we should do active regret! We need to forgive ourselves if we don’t want regret to eat us alive! Life should keep flowing, mistakes are like obstacles we should take responsibility make those mistakes stepping stones, learn from them and move forward. Remember when we were a kid and learned how to walk we stumbled, fall down but again we stood, once we know why we are falling we made our balance and we start walking. Definitely, we should try to make peace with our past to face present. We need to think when things happened are those things are in our control as sometimes things are not in our control and still we become a victim.

I remember, a few years ago when I had to take a decision about my career I wanted to become a journalist! Due to circumstances, I changed my decision but, the truth is every morning I felt unsatisfying! I kept regretting and then one morning a thought popped into my brain and I started writing blogs on bigger and better platform sharing my vision! Till now I was a hostage of my own thoughts. Once I came out every day is a new day for me! Ultimately I learned, Our regret should reflect in our attitude, not in words or grief.

Our attitude is the shadow of our thoughts. The bad time is usually the lesson we need to go in order to enjoy a good time. Past is nothing but the experiences we needed to enjoy the present. We can’t reverse the situation but by avoiding same mistakes again we can make our present beautiful which is the foundation of strong future. Isn’t it?

When did you feel trapped in regret? Share your experience, your thought through a comment! I would love to hear!



Does Gratitude Build Powerful Attitude?


Yesterday I was sitting alone; suddenly my daughter came to me she hugged me and said mom thank you, I love you! You are my sunshine! I smiled back and said, love, you a lot! The way she showed her gratitude it gave me a thought. I love my family, my friends a lot! Did I show my gratitude towards them the way I should? Often we celebrate Thanksgiving and other festivals to show love and respect for our loved ones but Is it enough to do that? Should gratitude be limited to a day, occasion or incident? When We help someone sometimes they are familiar to us or even sometimes strangers they say us thank you, and that makes us feel good we accept that with a great smile, few times this beautiful gesture allows us to make new friends!

Remember our parents how much they loved us they did their best to give us best. They spend quality time with us they made us feel how important we are to them, their life. They taught us values. They helped us in creating our identity! Without expecting any return from us, their selfless love! Today when we have grown up, we all are busy in our life, We do respect them but, if we will say thank you is that enough?  Definitely, no our true thank would be to know them how much we need them. Their age doesn’t matter to us. Only their love is our blessing!

When we look behind we can say our best time was the time we spent in school college taking education. Our teachers who were our best friends, mentors who made our foundation strong every day, after leaving school college did we take out little time to spend with them? Did we ever tell them how grateful we are to have them? Just think They gave us the lesson to be thankful but did we take that lesson to our heart? Our friends who are always there for us. We have shared our laughter sorrows with them by holding their hands tightly. We still spend time with them but never make them realize how they matter to us, to our lives, do we?

Gratitude needs to be our attitude it’s true! For that, we need to cultivate it. We need to show we are not thankful not only by words but also by our heart. We need to pass the same love and respect we have got. It will not make our attitude powerful, but it will make flow that selfless love which everyone is seeking. Gratitude makes people come together keeping their differences behind. Gratitude can give birth to new relations and sometimes those relations impact much deeper to us! Gratitude needs to be a part of us to make us a better person every day. Gratitude is like pearl wrapped with love inside our heart once we feel it, it makes us peaceful and delighted. Life is too short don’t wait! Show how much we appreciate whatever life has given us. When few words coordinate with our actions it does magic they change our world by nurturing every moment making it more precious and worthwhile to live, isn’t it?

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Does It really Worth To Take Pain?



Pain, no one wants to hear this word but we all feel this at some point of time. Pain is inevitable. A feeling which is a part and parcel of life shows its presence in some or other way. When it comes to us what reaction we often give? Ouch..really bad, nasty, worst even we tag it life sucking! Sometimes it left us in silence, isn’t it? Few of us have a habit to suppress the pain & few of us generally express through our reaction. Pain can happen in our physical body or emotional but impacts are always proportional if it happens in physical body it conquers us emotionally and if it happens emotionally it will impact on our physical body. 

What is the pain? Pain is an unpleasant condition a feeling which makes us feel uncomfortable in the situation we are living. We distress ourselves if, it is physical pain we normally go to good medicine practitioner for healing but, if we get emotional hit it has more intense effects! It drains us fully leaves us to feel shattered. Loneliness makes us feel dishearten we lose our confidence. We become more frustrated and impatient. We start reacting to small issues which we generally like to ignore in the normal situation.

We want someone whom we can count to share our feelings. Sometimes we get shoulder where we can put our head and few times we have to fight alone with our feelings, which is more difficult as our fight is with ourselves. We know the cause of pain still, we don’t like to accept we like to hide those feeling to move ahead as we don’t want ourselves to be a matter of gossip or sympathy for other’s but, Is it a correct way to heal ourselves? Definitely no, if we will move on without treating old wounds those wounds will always come and haunt us. An Open wound is always a reason for getting new wounds. Whenever we will get hurt on old scar definitely we will scream with same pain.

Before few years I passed through both injuries at the same time. I never knew I am happily sleeping in the night and next morning I would be dating with doctors & medicines in the emergency room. I won’t able to stand on my feet for few days. I felt my life was stopped although my husband & kid both were standing with me, I was clearly able to see my pain on their face which made me feel more terrible than anything else. After reaching home the first thing I asked my husband to take a click of me with crutches and his reaction was Are you mad? You are talking like this in such pain where you can’t even stand without support. I replied him I know pain is intense but I don’t want it to grab me. Though I knew it was a difficult task to get back to normal situation. I challenged myself every day I fought with my pain. I was determined I will not allow this pain to stop my life and it paid me back today I am out of that pain running and even dancing in rain!

Does it really worth to take the pain? Pain taught me a lot it gave me a deep understanding whom and what I can count in my life? How we ignore those little moments which matters to us most? A little smile can make our faith more strong. How a little hope goes long way to create incredible wonder? Pain is significant to life after struggling with the pain we understand what true happiness is! It’s true without pain there is no gain when mom takes pain baby arrives a bundle of happiness that pain strongly bound a kid with their parents. Our survival start with pain and we starts most beautiful journey “journey of life” isn’t it? We all pass through that dark night to get little sunshine in our life to make life brighter & worthy if we bend our knees in front of pain. How will we get our life back enjoy every moment like a blessing?

Any kind of pain whether it is physical or emotional comes with its value and that valuable learning change us our outlook about the life for better tomorrow. Physical pain always tells us to give ourselves more time and attention it makes us learn how our body matter to us while emotional pain comes with the strength to make our will more strong and insightful. We are not living life because we want to survive in a storm but it’s more than that, it’s all about to live life to its fullest even enjoy the inevitable storm of life. This makes our life worthy to live, do this?

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