Daily prompt Warning |Life Is A Warning!

Warning! Is a sign to bring our attention to the change. Change is the law of nature. No change comes without warning! If we look into nature, it always gives warning before natural disaster like storm tornado or heavy rainfall. Ocean always gives warning through tides. When climate gets change it also give us warning through hot and cold waves. Let’s dig little deeper in reference of our life, when we came on this planet, we gave warning to our parents through labor pain! Mom dad get ready I am coming! When we get little older our behavior was a warning to our parents about our choices. We took correct path or we bumped into something bad. When we took education remember haunting exams! Exam was a warning about what we learnt in whole academic year. When love comes in life it also gives us warning the blooming roses in our heart make us feel pleasant, charm on our face, delighted eyes! Yes it’s a warning, sweet warning! Handle with care respect and trust to keep it beautiful and warm for forever, as we get more older again it comes with warning not only physical but our experience make us more mature in our thoughts. Lastly when we will say bye to this world death is also a warning! Purpose of life is done now. Older tree has to fall down to welcome new plants! We just need to hear these warnings silently. Every obstacle in life is a warning it brings change in our personality in some way. These warnings are like wake up call to make us aware don’t mess up with life, messing up with life means inviting mishap! Accept life gracefully and get ready to fulfill all the challenges life throws to make it fruitful!


9 thoughts on “Daily prompt Warning |Life Is A Warning!

  1. This is a good way to take life what it offers. Positive or negative every situation counts and how we tackle the situation is what that matters. Yes life is full of ups and downs. Converting negative into positive and retaining the positives matters the most .. It’s life only which gives us warnings at every moments. Really liked the post. Great one indeed… πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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