Daily Prompt Toxic| Intoxicated Feelings

Toxic! meaning poisonous waste! Nobody wants to have toxins in their life it works as slow poison which kills us everyday little bit! besides toxic materials in our life we can easily find toxic people who are filled with negative thoughts and feelings. When they come in our life they always carry a positive veil on their face they pretend they are kind loving respectful to us and everyone. Their intention is to trap us in their behavior. Once they trap they try to grip us and start to inject us with their toxin thought in small doses. Till yesterday we were thinking and channeling positivity in our relationships we were part of happy and beautiful world and now we introduced ourselves to negative thoughts jealousy selfishness anger frustration and hatred become the part of us. We begin to find bad in good. We have a problem in every solution. We make mountains out of mole hills. Disappointment replaces the confidence! A little toxic thought push us into dark well of negativity. Be aware! Our thought pattern decides who we are! We become what we think about. Don’t allow to be trapped between toxic people ‘one rotten apple spoil the whole bunch’. We need to refocus ourself to positivity by counting all the blessings we are blessed in our life. Let’s be fearless! Instead of running away from the situation accept and face the situation with determination. At the end of every dark tunnel there is a light and that light is really strong to cut the web of toxic thoughts and radiate our personality!

Wish you all Happy Easter! Be Positive! Have Fun 🙂


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