Is It Okay To Have Regrets?


We often say or hear, “Oh! I could have done better” or Why did I do this? We all make mistakes in our life. Few of them we acknowledge and correct and few linger with us. We keep holding on, keep regretting about them.

We all experience disappointment at sometime, isn’t it? When we regret we feel like we are stuck in that moment, life stopped there! We keep thinking about the same incident again and again, It’s like never ending loop. We start feeling disappointed as we cannot go in past and correct our mistake but the truth is we are not even living in present. That one moment of mistake occupies our mind and emotions. We start losing confidence, the fear of doing something wrong or taking wrong decisions pulls us back from doing something better and we again make a new mistake. More we try to make peace with ourselves more we become restless, invite panic, anxiety, hatred, and anger to be part of our life.

We often hear don’t regret move on! Is it easy to forget and move on? Obviously not, when we make mistake we accept that or not but that mistake leaves its mark behind whenever we try to move on it hit us again that reflects in our behavior and impact our decisions.

Does that mean we should stop our life and keep regretting? definitely no, infect we should do active regret! We need to forgive ourselves if we don’t want regret to eat us alive! Life should keep flowing, mistakes are like obstacles we should take responsibility make those mistakes stepping stones, learn from them and move forward. Remember when we were a kid and learned how to walk we stumbled, fall down but again we stood, once we know why we are falling we made our balance and we start walking. Definitely, we should try to make peace with our past to face present. We need to think when things happened are those things are in our control as sometimes things are not in our control and still we become a victim.

I remember, a few years ago when I had to take a decision about my career I wanted to become a journalist! Due to circumstances, I changed my decision but, the truth is every morning I felt unsatisfying! I kept regretting and then one morning a thought popped into my brain and I started writing blogs on bigger and better platform sharing my vision! Till now I was a hostage of my own thoughts. Once I came out every day is a new day for me! Ultimately I learned, Our regret should reflect in our attitude, not in words or grief.

Our attitude is the shadow of our thoughts. The bad time is usually the lesson we need to go in order to enjoy a good time. Past is nothing but the experiences we needed to enjoy the present. We can’t reverse the situation but by avoiding same mistakes again we can make our present beautiful which is the foundation of strong future. Isn’t it?

When did you feel trapped in regret? Share your experience, your thought through a comment! I would love to hear!


27 thoughts on “Is It Okay To Have Regrets?

  1. Hi, Katri

    Overcoming regret is as important as experiencing it, because with every experience/ regret comes a lesson. We learn to do better next time.

    Thank you for this 🙂

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  2. I think we all have problems dealing with regret. I think it’s easy to make our regrets seem like just abstract decisions we can make peace with, but what if the regret comes in the form of a person? You can make peace with a human being but some people refuse to be your regret or bad decision and you’ve let go but they constantly wave it in your face.

    I’m not sure if that makes sense. Your writing brought that out it me. Nice piece of writing @Kranti

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    1. I am glad you expressed your feelings! Definitely it makes sense. People do such things they keep reminding your mistakes again and again, but I think we need to be strong and positive to face them. Our positive attitude and actions will definitely leave a mark on them them! Thank you JustPalma for sharing your thought! 😊💛✨

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    1. Hello FeelPurple(sorry! Don’t know your name),
      Thank you for nominating me, I am so grateful for your love and support! Actually I love reading quotes so I am good with it 😊💛✨

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    1. True, regret is an acknowledgment of a mistake we made. Past is gone cribbing or keeps thinking is not an option. mistakes are like obstacles they give us an opportunity to learn. Once we learned we should not repeat the same mistake, take experience and move on! Regret should reflect in our actions not in our words!
      Thanks for sharing your opinion! Have a wonderful day!💛✨


    1. I agree! Regret is an acceptance. If we won’t accept our mistakes we can’t learn from them. Once we have learned our lesson we can easily banish guilt and move forward in life. Thank you for sharing your thought! 🙂💛

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