Daily Prompt Thwart|Thwart Toxic Habits

When I look around I find few people are an intoxicating whole environment. They themselves are fully drowned in their toxic habits like drinking alcohol, bullying, smoking, drugs. Sometimes I think why they don’t thwart themselves from such addictions even they know these addictions are eating them alive! Few of them are living in a family. They do have kids, what their kids are picking up? When every day they look at their parents, how they are getting affected by their parent’s behavior? They want to enjoy their childhood like other kids but they get mature before their age. Their parents should take care of them but the matter of fact is kids are taking care of their parents! No one in school or around them wants to be their friends after knowing their background! They are living a lonely life. Unknowingly their own parents are pushing them to darkness by introducing them to same addiction they are struggling. Lack of emotional support and lack of guidance is enough to manipulate kid’s brain to commit a crime. As a community member, we all should help to thwart such addictions and crime. There are a lot of recovery centers out there who are helping to thwart such addictions. We should not only support them but also we should encourage addicts to join such recovery centers to be able to live a healthy and happy life which they deserve! Their kids can also get a healthy and safe environment for their development to become a responsible person in their life!


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