Daily Prompt Rush|Following Rush Habit!

Rush! We often hear this word, infect we can see ourselves following this word in our daily routine. In morning we are getting late, we are time bound so we drive in rush! Once we lose control of our vehicle bhoom! We get bumped into someone’s vehicle. One moment of rush can cost us our life! We work really very hard to meet our goals still, we are far away from getting those goals. Time is really ticking out, we are under the pressure of the deadline, It’s exhausting! We worry, we lose patience eventually we rush! Now we are really happy we finished our work before the deadline. What? still didn’t get any appreciation, why? True, rush work! We are not performing up to the expected level. One moment of rush changes everything. We often want it so badly that we ruin it!  When we do rush our mind lose control and we panic ourselves, Anxiety replaces calmness. We can only think about consequences! Sometimes to avoid those consequences or sometimes to get desired end result we rush. We forget a simple rule of life which we all learned ‘slow and steady wins the race’. In life several times we have to make decisions, if we don’t take our time, think properly, prioritize our choices those decisions can change the whole direction of our life. We can’t master our skills in one day, slow down! It needs focus, persistence and hard work. The more we rush the more we lose moments of peace and happiness. Life is not a race it’s a blessing! Enjoy every moment, don’t rush through it. We all need time to grow! When we plant seeds in the soil we can’t expect fruits immediately. It takes month or years to get sweet and juicy fruits. Have patience! All the efforts are going to pay off! Nothing worth having comes by hurry -worry habit!



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