Daily Prompt Froth |Negative Froth


Thought Bubble

Froth! Mass of small bubbles. When I think about froth I can just think about coffee as I am a tea and coffee lover person! Froth is on the top of coffee with some kind of picture art normally heart πŸ˜€ well I already had my coffee, so let’s dig little deeper. In our life negative thoughts are like froth they cover our beautiful positive thoughts. Negative thoughts do not create any eye catching pleasant moments. They make us angry, critical, judgemental to ruin the moments. It is easy to fall prey to negative thoughts. They are like junk food, that feels delicious to our taste buds in beginning but not healthy for overall health. A cup of coffee can make relations but, a mind full of negative thoughts is capable to break the relations by sucking trust, love, and respect, by creating doubts and confusion. Froth on coffee make the moments on the other hand Negative froth on brain keep us away from enjoying present moments. The more we give in to our negative thoughts more stronger they become. Choose to have froth in coffee but not in life! Avoid these negative thoughts never entertain them or believe in them. Choose to see the positive side of a situation. Take a break from judgemental thoughts or try to judge positively! When one negative thought enters about someone focus on their two positive qualities too. No one is perfect! don’t give up, believe in yourself, your strength! Open the treasure box of good moments and memories that make you smile. Only positive attitude has the strength to banish negative froth, to make life more constructive and worth living!



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