Daily Prompt Frigid | Frigid Behavior

Frigid! Feeling cold isn’t it? We all are human beings still we all are unique because of our different mindset! We meet several people, their behavior, talking way give us a little window to know them. Few of them we find are really warm welcoming we can easily make them our friends and few of them are frigid. It’s really difficult to understand them! They make us feel unwelcomed. They barely participate in any conversation. They just throw frigid reactions, sometimes keep staring us with blank eyes. Might be they have no negative intentions or thoughts for anyone but, their frigid behavior make us uncomfortable to spend time with them. Their frigid behavior make us feel did we do something wrong ? The impression they left on us is not pleasant! People tag them rude insensitive! truly that is a misconception! Avoiding them can make us feel easy but it won’t make situation better for them! Actually they need psychological help. As sometimes people have feelings but either they are not able to recognize their feelings so it is difficult to express them or they have passed through such rough phase that they themselves suppressed those emotions and become frigid! Many of them have really good heart, thoughtful approach to life still they always live in a fear that they are constantly being judged by people around them so to make distance they start behaving frigidly. These people only need love and support to come out of those frigid feelings to grow as an active part of community! Just think.. it can change a life!


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