Daily Prompt Vague |Vague Situations


Vague, we all feel vague at some point in our life. Often our mood gets vague we don’t understand how to express our feelings. few times we get vague direction in life, that makes us confused to follow. Correct path can take us one step near to our desired destination and wrong path can ruin every effort we made till now. Life keeps throwing vague situations to challenge us. Vague situations come like a gust of wind to make us ungrounded, before sometime we were peaceful and happy and suddenly we feel stuck in a situation which came from nowhere and left us with questions and hurdles to handle. These vague situations make us overwhelmed it become so difficult for us to choose the correct. If we make the correct choice it opens the door for the new opportunities, those vague moments gives us immense happiness, but if we make the wrong choice we can lose a lot. It gives us stress and anxiety. Handling vague in life is quite difficult as these situations we don’t expect normally and we don’t make plans for them. These vague situations might come for a short period of time but can leave long-lasting effects on us. To handle vague in life we need to be more calm and collective. Evaluate the situation closely before taking any decision. Be optimistic and positive nothing comes to life without purpose. These situations appear in the life to test our abilities, to bring out the best in us. Don’t give up so easily, believe in yourself because lack of belief can easily stumble us to fall down. Our confidence can spark our creativity, Embrace this uncertainty to write a beautiful chapter in life!



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