A Strong And Profound Bond!


Well, today I am feeling my majestic emotions are trapping me. I don’t want to release myself from this trap. This trap is not holding me back. It refuels me with the positive energy, making me more lively every passing minute. Each thread of this trap is knitted with love and affection. I want to close my eyes and revisit every moment of being a parent. After passing through a difficult period of nine months the first thing I noticed a crying voice that made me forgot all my pain. I touched my kid with fear what if I will hurt her, but somehow I gathered my confidence took her in my lap. Little beautiful eyes were staring saying me now you are not alone! I am your part, hug me! From today onwards we will walk together holding hands through every thick or thin. Keeping such a cute smile on the face where I want to lose myself.

Soon after few months, I can see my baby crawling and then walking holding finger tightly to fulfill her promise of togetherness. Her sweet voice cute talks which were not making any sense but still sense full for a mother. Remember that warm feeling when the kid is sleeping soundly in your lap worry free like saying you mom I am at the correct place this place is more peaceful than any other, let me be! Unintentionally your lips start to sing a lullaby to comfort them, to take them to beautiful dreamland. After waking up making a mess all over make you feel, that peace was a piece of warning storm is coming and, here it is!

When you feel tired sitting and relaxing little hands, touch your head gently and ask you, mom, let me press your head I know, I Am the reason of your headache, it immediately makes you smile that soft, soothing touch works kind of painkiller. That mischievous little kid changes into a beautiful, caring soul for the mother. Recalling the first time first day of school when we face separation anxiety; mom is always more worried than her kid! How my kid is doing in school. Will they eat their lunch properly? Every minute holds kid’s thought. After school dismissal, those sparkling eyes lively face tells you, come on mom I am good phew! 😅 All stress is gone. Your day starts with your sunshine and ends on their happy face. When they feel sad before they tell you anything you know what your child has gone through. When you ask them they look at you surprisingly mom how do you know? Your quick response because mom knows everything! The best part I enjoy when I feel my kid become my parent and teaching me in the same way I taught her! You silly mom! 🙃

Your kid is growing every day in front of your eyes and so their tantrums and their comments too. Soon they start to fight with you argue with you. I can hear everyday mom you are the worst! Why you are so particular about everything. Mom why you are so strict about discipline just chill.. mom you are mean I am making you proud, and you are not giving me gifts.. and gift list is bigger than their age. I won’t say that makes me feel good to hear. I know as a parent it is as necessary to nurture them properly raise them with ethical values as much as we enjoy their childhood so, I usually say my kid yes kiddo I am.. please bear with me, and her face is like aah why me?

A Few days later same angry, frustrated kid comes to you, put their arms around your neck tells you, mom, you are the best I know you are strict, but you see no one can be like you, you are my BFF just because of you I got this success. You deserve this more than me and makes you wear their success medals. Those moments make you speechless. Tears are rolling out of your eyes. These are happy tears lastly you got your most incredible reward selfless love of your kid! A robust, deep, profound bond! 💞 Nothing can beat this feeling. These feelings are powerful couldn’t stop to share. Just hoping every mom out there who is reading this is feeling them as intensely as I am..


Let’s make this lovely bond more strong and adorable by sharing beautiful moments of this bond! Share your mommy moments or some of your best memories you have with your mom. I can’t wait to hear from you! ❤️❤️




19 thoughts on “A Strong And Profound Bond!

    1. Aww.. this is a beautiful feeling comes with a big a responsibility. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your feeling! Truly it is a blessing. Happy Mother’s Day! 💛✨

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