Daily Prompt Rebel |Constructive Rebel.


Rebel, We all have a rebellion personality in us, and it shows up many times, in many situations. Few of us can quickly identify and accept this and others try to defend themselves by being convincing personalities. It is so obvious we all are unique so our thought process. We pass through different situations in life. We have different upbringing and backgrounds these factors impact our thought process. Infact they play a big role in holding conceptions. A difference of opinion and conflicts of ego gives birth to a rebel personality. Kids often rebel to break the rules their parents make for them. The more parents push them to accept and follow the rules the more they go against those rules. Finally, their own family tags them rebellion. The Conflict between two thoughts. Parents make rules without involving kids in that process. Without convincing them Why they are making rules and How these rules will benefit them in their life. Kids think Parents are imposing their thoughts on them they don’t understand the reason and definitely, they go against their parents. The Same thing happens in the society we are living when we oppose some rituals, rules because we find there is no logic to follow these old rules and rituals. They are doing much damage than leaving positive and constructive impacts or might be we need a new rule book that is more according to time and current scenario but people who are following these rules blindly they are rigid, not willing to bring any change to defend themselves they make it a subject of respect and tag that rule breaker individual rebellion. It is so necessary for us to make strong boundaries and follow them for growth and development, but nobody can take imposed limits easily. No one likes to be driven forcefully to do anything. We all love and respect our freedom. Willingness to accept comes from the heart. When you find proper coordination between Why and How you agree and follow the directions respectfully. Instead of creating ego issues, we need to respect the freedom of expression and try to understand each other’s point of view. Conflict, arguments awakes our inner rebellion, however, trust respect appreciation actively participation gives birth to the progressive thought and fruitful conclusions where everyone supports and uplifts everyone by encouraging them by becoming the part of their development. Rebel against ego, selfishness, and sufferings to bring out the best and significant changes in life!




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