Daily Prompt Complication|Complicated Mysterious Life.


Complication, well we all feel at some point in time life is a complicated mystery. When it unfolds one piece of mystery, we find ourselves stuck in another one. The more we try to solve these mystery puzzle pieces the more we feel tangled in them. Passing through these mysterious tunnels, you attach yourself to a lot of emotions and feelings. Few times you express them in their raw form and few times you lose yourself in those mixed feelings. You find it really difficult to express them it’s just like the birth of a baby which brings happiness as well as the stress of responsibility. These mixed feelings add more complications in a complicated life. These complications keep growing every day as we grow. Sometimes when we feel overloaded, we think what the hack! Life is driving us insane we want to steal few moments of peace and calmness to recollect our strength and wisdom. Fact is life is not complicated we make it difficult. When life unfolds one chapter we, don’t take it in the same way our complicated brain starts to create a new story where it makes all the predictions before anything happens funny thing is we all know we can’t predict the next moment of our life. It brings uncertainty, fear, and frets to life. In such annoying situation, we live our whole life in few minutes or hours like tomorrow sun won’t rise. Now we start to club our all problems with that one unfolded chapter it becomes a big mess. Before some time we were struggling with one problem now we are struggling with a lot of issues altogether. We made up whole imaginary scenario by putting all the intense flavors of life in that. These flavors are overpowering the actual dish. To resolve this complicated conflict we need to be little easy on us. We should not interrupt the flow of life by making mountain out of a molehill. We need to flow with life. These unfold mysteries are the beauty of life. These high tides and low tides in life is producing excitement and energy otherwise life would be really monotonous and unpleasant. Without low, there is no high. Life knows how to keep balance have trust! Why live in imagination when life is giving practical lessons to learn and grow take these lessons by heart to make life simple and enjoyable!




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