Daily Prompt Disappear|Mystical Time


Disappear, Time disappear so quickly. It is mystical before you think anything, this second also passed away see this is why every second count in life because once time flies away, it never comes back. Just look back yesterday you were little kid playing with toys, making stories, teasing your friends, living in your dreams, making your parents tired. That time disappeared so quickly now you are young holding lots of responsibilities on your shoulder, working really hard chasing dreams, setting priorities, trying to take out some time for yourself or might be few of us can see themselves running after their kids. When we were kids we wanted to grow fast, and now we want to go back in that time to live stress-free life but we can’t as that time is slipped away from our hands and soon this time is about to go. We often think when we are happy why time ticked away so fast? Actually, time is traveling at same speed, so our life is. When we are happy, we live in that time we don’t think about past events. We don’t bother ourselves for future planning. We enjoy every second that’s why we feel it quickly disappeared however when we are sad we live in that stressful time but with that, we live in all related past events,  even we start living in future consequences that make us feel the time is stopped for us it is passing by slowly. Time disappears, but it always leaves it marks behind on our memory boards every moment passed away made a difference in our life it brought changes in us not only in our physical appearance but also to the mental aspect. Our vision change with the time yesterday’s luxuries are today’s need and today’s challenges would be tomorrow’s achievement. Time won’t stop for us. It will treat you the same no matter who you are in your life. No matter if we make the most out of it or none at all it will keep going. If you will see It’s here with you but if you will seek it’s nowhere. If you can, live your life in it cherish it as this moment is also about to disappear making you laugh or cry a little bit.



4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Disappear|Mystical Time

  1. Time is the only thing which never stopped since it once started. Every single second passes in our life will never come again. For example, 2018’s 23rd May once will pass and it won’t come again in your life. We can make it one of the best day or one of the worst of our life. It’s up to us!!
    Wonderful explanation !!!…👏👏👏👏👏
    Great Job… 👍👍

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