Daily Prompt Famous|Aspect Of Success


Famous, A widespread reputation. We all have experienced this word in some way. We all want to involve this word in our life. This word always motivates us to chase our dreams be better and spread our wings, so everyone will notice us who we are. Remember when we were in school playing, studying, teasing fellow students, participating in various competitions there was a dream, a hidden ambition to be popular among other students and teacher. To get constant attention and praise from everyone. To fulfill that purpose we always presented us in the best way we could. When we left the school every eye had a dream to earn our identity putting famous title before our name. Few of us wanted to be great engineers or doctors, few of us wanted to be famous artists or scientists, and few wanted to be a great business tycoon. This journey of being famous is never-ending journey still going on many of us are writing here to become a writer or poet one day to get deserving recognition. If you will notice all our efforts and imaginations are revolving around this one magical and influential word famous. It holds our dream, intentions, happiness, and satisfaction but being famous is not as easy as thinking about it. It takes every bit of you. In this journey even you make a lot of strategies put a lot of resources still you face hardships. Many times when you think you are just about to achieve success it slips from your hand and hugs someone else. You feel disappointed and nervous. Sometimes even you start to find the worth of your hard work or begin to compare your work with others to prove your work deserves more respect it doesn’t take you anywhere, in fact, it makes you more anxious and discouraged. Don’t worry have faith in yourself. Hard work speaks for itself. Respect your work, your work is incomparable. Instead of comparing your work try to find out where you are lacking. Your faults are your guiding eyes. Don’t give up might be something bigger and better is waiting for you! The best is yet to come. Being famous is not one day work it takes time to touch the pinnacle. Patience and persistence are the best companion to count on! Leave your positive impact on every heart. Your grace is your power that wins every time. Embrace every phase of growth in life!



20 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Famous|Aspect Of Success

    1. Sorry Mahee, I am replying to you so late, I don’t know how but I found your comment in spam. I think WP glitch… Glad you loved my posts. Thank you so much for taking out time to read them! I appreciate your kind and thoughtful words! πŸ™‚

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  1. I read this quote yesterday and was inspired to change perception. Your post sum up the lines nicely. ‘Your grace is your power’-πŸ’– love this line. Motivating post. πŸ™‚

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