Daily Prompt Juxtapose|Juxtapose Makes Life Complete.


Juxtapose, means placing two elements, words side by side and letting the viewer compare them let’s dive little deeper. Our life is aligned with Juxtapose words and feelings. The Beauty of life always encourages us to live every moment flow with the waves. Enjoy its uncertainty. It doesn’t open the chapter we desire, but it unfolds the chapter we need the most. Keep discovering yourself in every phase makes life purposeful while doing this we pass through a particular period where we feel sufferings, pain, and sorrows at this point life appear really ugly and bitter we don’t want to face its next episode. Our strong beliefs begin to shatter acceptance is replaced by denials. Faith transforms into fear. Our negativity starts sabotaging us then suddenly a little hope in this dark night enlightens positivity. Holding that positivity, we again take baby steps really carefully. Soon we get our strength and determination to overcome that creepy fear which was stopping us from moving forward. The clouds of illusion fade away we can feel the warmth of sunshine in life. Everything brightens up. After a long fall finally, spring knocks our door.. seeds begin to sprout, new growth allures us. We embrace these changes by choosing efforts, smile, love, and truth over rest, frustration, hatred and fantasy. If we notice the life cycle has integrated juxtapose darkness of night gives the meaning to daylight, fall enhances the beauty of spring, thorns makes the flower more desirable. Ugly explains the beauty, Clouds make sunlight more radiant, Illusions open the door of knowledge and wisdom, Denials make acceptance more valuable. Deception gives life to faith, Storm defines the Peace, Fear gives birth to confidence, Fantasy brings out the reality. Death makes life more precious and lively. Without these Juxtapose, life is incomplete and bland.



14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Juxtapose|Juxtapose Makes Life Complete.

  1. Such a positive post KrantiπŸ’œ
    Such inspiring reads keep us going in spite of all the hurdles in life.I will sleep with a positive smile on my face todayπŸ€—

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    1. Aww.. my pleasure Yasmin! Thank you so much for reading! Yasmin one quick question would you like to go for Liebster. I can nominate one person and I want deserving person should get it.


  2. I completely agree with you here, life is all about juxtapositions. Though sometimes I feel darkness last longer than light, but we always find a way out if we keep working with determination. Highs and lows are a part of our life, so we must go on and let the things flow.😊 A wonderful post to start a day. Thank you.πŸ’–

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    1. My pleasure Sameera and thank you so much for reading! πŸ’– Without low there won’t be any high everything in life serves a purpose!😊


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