Don’t Forget Yourself


When you say ‘yes’ to others, make sure you don’t say ‘no’ to yourself.” ~Paolo Coehlo

Let’s face the truth at some point in time, we all try our best to make people happy around us. These people play a significant role in our life we love them, care for them, so certainly we don’t want to disappoint them. We constantly worry about what they will think and slowly we start to give them preference over us, isn’t it? Before taking any decision we seek their acceptance and approval. Sometimes even if we don’t agree with them still, we go with their choices because their happiness matters to us.

It’s really nice to be empathetic and compassionate being. Of course, it is incredible to help others and spread happiness but it is unfortunate in that process we ignore ourselves we forget our happiness, needs, and fulfillment. Many times I found it difficult to say no in order to help others and keep them happy soon I realized it made me exhausted and frustrated. I kept taking on other people’s anxiety. Honestly, if we work only for the approval or satisfaction of others, we can never be true to self. Lastly, we will end up turning into someone else more out of line with real purpose and passion.

Trying to please is a disease where you become a puppet who’s string is in someone else hands, and you are bowing in front of their desire to make them happy! Remember you can’t please everyone all the time. Making boundaries is vital. We should know when to stop.. be aware of intentions. Desperately seeking approval from others give them the power to judge you, don’t feed their ego.  Respect your happiness and needs. We only know what is best for us no one else can design our life better than us. If relations are strong enough, they can stand against the few gusts of disagreements you don’t have to make pleasing efforts to connect with them. These relationships are beyond formalities. As long as you are doing the right things with a good heart that really matters. That’s the only way you can radiate with your own light!

“Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind.” ~Dodinsky

110 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Yourself

    1. Thanks a lot dear Bhavna! 🤗 I am really glad you can relate to my posts and find them helpful! ✨😊
      The words of appreciation are coming from your side …This means a lot to me!!❤️

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  1. Sometimes compassion becomes a double-edged sword in these matters. Rather than aiming to please, I’ve often found myself going above and beyond to ensure others are happy (especially my loved ones) because they mean so much to me, even at the detriment of my own happiness. I’ve now learned that boundaries are crucial for healthy functioning. And I can’t help others be happy if I haven’t taken care of my needs first. 🙂

    Lovely blog. I’ll be back to visit again!

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    1. I agree Sindhuja making boundaries are crucial but it is necessary as empty vessel quenches no one’s thirst and in the long run people also start taking you for granted which is not good for healthy relationship at all.. thank you so much Sindhuja for stopping by and taking time to read and share your views! You are always welcome dear! Hugs & love!!

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  2. Hiiii…..🙋🙋🙋
    It’s been so long..
    We haven’t talked to each other.😀😀😀
    So, here I am. 🤗
    Definitely you’re right.
    Pleasing is a disease. And we don’t need this. I think we should Focus on ourselves more than the other people. 🤔🤔 …….

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    1. Hi! So true Kaby we should respect our needs and fulfillment! 😊Thank you dear for taking time to read the post! Yes it’s been long time.. I thought you are busy so… 😊 have a wonderful day! 🤗

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  3. Such a powerful post Kranti 😊
    Reminds me one of quote which I read somewhere …
    “Kisike kadmo me itna bhi mat gir jao, ki ek din woh tumhe kuchal ke aage nikal jaae”.. & nd it happens.. so thank you for sharing this..!!!

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    1. Yeh sach hai Prasad kabhi kabhi log hamari kindness ka advantage lene lgte hai.. kaphi waqt lga yeh smjhne mai! Pr kehte hai na der aaye durst aaye! 😇 Thank you so much for your thoughtful words! Always my pleasure 😊


  4. Great post
    Best lines- Trying to please is a disease where you become a puppet who’s string is in someone else hands, and you are bowing in front of their desire to make them happy!

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      1. Ooh… So you are preparing for some govt exam and want to know the date of birth of Unni the great 😬

        It is August 24.. UN declared this date as International fiasco day

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      2. Oh wow
        Those who wish me will get custom cover photo for blog
        Cadbury (real one)
        Custom animation wish on their birthday

        Ok see u
        (I have to apply for a bank loan to find money to do all these.. 😖)

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  5. I was going through some ancient texts of India in this regard and it says become man of principles not man of people. Principles can be universal such as truthfulness, tolerance, humanism, honesty, benevolence etc. If we keep our actions aligned to them, then we will not become prey to the whims of individual and following these principles will give us inner satisfaction.
    Yet the caveat lies in chosing those principles.
    Liked your idea.

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