Don’t Let Others Control You


“Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions.”

Let’s accept this..emotional bonds are always deep and strong, they influence us throughout our life. Many of us get driven by these bonds. Such bonds play a vital role in our journey. These connections affect our mood, thoughts, and personality. They provide us desired warmth in order to thrive.

It’s really unpleasant when we get tangled in these emotional bonds and start feeling suffocated. We depend so much on them that gradually they become the source of our happiness and existence. We lose the sense of responsibility towards us. Many times we get confused and frustrated between where we are and where we want to be..what is best for us as it involves a deep-seated conflict with people who are significantly important for our lives. We often give them the key to take charge of our lives because we believe they have a better life experience than us, they know what is better for us. Lastly, we lose the sight of who we truly are and accept to live in their shadow rather than shine on our own.

It’s really important to realize that these deep-rooted attachments are the part of our life, not LIFE. No one is responsible for us or our happiness. Happiness comes from within, and we channel that happiness to these emotional bonds to make them vibrant and joyful. Each connection needs proper space and boundary to breathe and bloom. Our purpose should be to gain a healthy perspective of others without creating conflict with ourselves. Just think we have only one life to live and if we live that life according to other’s choices when will we live our dreams and desires? We need to decide are we really happy and satisfied by giving the driving seat to other’s in life or we want to shape our life the way we envisioned.

Recognizing and acknowledging self- worth is essential don’t give other’s so much power to direct and define you. Remember people can only take what you will allow them to take. You can’t control their thoughts and behavior, but you can choose your reaction if you feel their choices and suggestions are not aligned with your peace and purpose, you have right to refuse and to create positive things in your life for yourself. Liberate yourself ..No one holds power over you, radiate your light within to discover yourself!

“If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it’s not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That’s why it’s your path.”—Joseph Campbell

125 thoughts on “Don’t Let Others Control You

  1. Well I have to scroll down for sometime to share my views as this post has already got so many opinions, yet I could not resist myself from expressing my gratitude and well wishes for such a great thought. Thank You!

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  2. The moment we realize, the key is to be kept in our pocket, and not to hand it over to other, life changes. It did for me. And I wish people reading the post, keep their keys. Well written Kranti

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  3. Hey Kranti,

    Nice post and seriously like, “Not to give control of your life to someone”.

    As part of this thing, we have to be in self-alert where some of our relationships in our life shows that these relationships our full of love, Love is only the reason when we don’t care if someone is controlling our life because we know that love exist there. But Most of the time it does not happens, few relationships control our self by name of love, but in reality these relationships are not like that as we usually think. We have to little bit concussions about if someone is controlling our self by name of love.

    And this happens to us, we all are Hungary for love, love is only the reality. We have to keep an eye on this aspect as well.

    Thanks for writing such nice thing!!

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    1. Yes dear, but not few weeks..on last Thursday actually, some of readers informed me they can’t see my post so I thought to repost it. Uh..Wordpress I can’t help it dear..I don’t know how many more glitches.. please don’t mind you will keep seeing such activity..

      well.. good thing is you find it amazing 😉Thank you Lord Unni for your divine presence 💖🙏

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      1. (time to act like a fraud) oh so u cant see spam comments? Then u should share ur WordPress username and pass with me so that i can inform u whenever there is a spam comment.. arey no need of thanks ji.. i like helping 😈

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      2. 😄😄 I have a better idea when you don’t see your comment on my post inform me.. brilliant na.. don’t praise I know I am a friend of genius Unni Babu..👽


  5. Wise words of an amazing person!! This post and the previous one, I think there’s a connection. Finding self worth and the divinity go hand in hand I believe. Well that’s just what I thought reading this post.

    Hope you are doing amazing, and have an amazing day!! Stay amazing…

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    1. Well once we realize and acknowledge we can.. 😊 definitely, we should not miss any opportunity where we can embrace self-worth and self discovery..
      Thanks a lot dear for stopping by and taking time to read the post!! 💛🌸

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      1. No dear not at all.. everyone has their own thoughts and experience on similar topic.. sorry I didn’t see this comment yesterday anyways ….you wrote more on professional relationship and I wrote on emotional bonds..both subjects are totally different and title is also different so readers won’t get confused..😊
        Btw Happy Raksha Bandhan dear!! 💛

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      2. Yes you are indeed.. I have just used your title in my blog and your blog is absolutely true that we shouldn’t let anyone to control us…and if your thoughts come in my mind first then might be I wrote before you..

        Happy Raksha Bandhan too…
        Btw if you don’t mind so may I ask which city are you from?

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      3. No problem dear! Thoughts are based on our own experience or observation around us..definitely it’s just time what and when something pops up in our mind..

        you can dear.. I am from Mumbai India currently living in United States.. 😊

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  6. we lose the sight of who we truly are and accept to live in their shadow rather than shine on our own… It happens, agreed.!
    You have narrated both the situations so perfectly dear,.. !!
    Magar kehte hai, jab tak aap Mandir naa chale jao, bhagwan ji nazar nhi aate 😊. So, Most important thing is awakening & discovering ourselves rather than chasing someone. I loved the thought when you have spoken about our own desires and dream ❤ Nd what can be the best reason instead of that to live this beautiful life ❤ very well done dear kranti 😄 aaj see aap humare Mitra ke sath sath Guru bhi ban gaye 😊😊 Digital guru.. !!

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    1. So true dear awakening and self- discovery is most important.. Indeed these dreams and desires fuel motivation and make life more lively to live ❤️..😄 Dear Mitra ke sath Guru.. Guru may bnao..Guru is really respectable position and I don’t think I deserve that much respect..🙏 but mitra ko mera likha psand aaya mere liye utna hi bhaut hai.. 💛😊

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