Smile And Walk Away…πŸ‘£


“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”

Few people come in life only to discourage you. They like to poke their nose whenever they get a chance.. these people keep talking about you, no matter how good you are doing. Instead of focusing on their own business they are more interested and busy in peeking into others life..

I always feel These people are like thorns.. the more you get success, the more they prick you. No matter how much you explain them but they won’t perceive anything. They are so imprudent that without knowing how much pain you have experienced to get where you are, they will judge you and define you.

Don’t let yourself down by listening to those denigrators. The way struggling with thorns make rose more desirable and beautiful. Similarly, they are igniting a desire for success in you by talking absurd and making your goal precious. Their jealousy, greed, and disgraceful behavior is their problem, not yours.. don’t try to be a remedy of sick mind it’s incurable and contagious. They won’t amend their ways.. they will keep enjoying and entertaining themselves by bombarding negativity all around. However, certainly, you will get frustrated, exhausted, demoralized and resented. Before they tear you apart the best way to defuse their negativity landmines is to smile at them and walk away! Trust your struggle and keep chasing your ambition persistently with clear vision. Your success is the answer to their questions. Let your hard work…dedication and smile speak for you.

”Shallow waters are noisy; Deep waters are silent ”


224 thoughts on “Smile And Walk Away…πŸ‘£

      1. Always a pleasure to read my fellow bloggers posts, comments and sorry for replying you late.. actually I am not currently living in India so time zone problem! 😊


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