Complaining Will Never Make Any Circumstance Better!



“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses.”

We all have complaints in life. Truth is complaints can get you sympathy. However, they won’t lead you anywhere. These complaints steal the zeal as you focus your energy on lack instead of appreciating the beauty in what you already have.

Life is not perfect of course, but what if it would be ideal, it won’t be that interesting. You won’t be able to experience and enjoy mysteries of life.

Rather than wasting your time complaining, look for possible ways to improve the situation with a positive attitude. A small change in perspective can make all the difference. Don’t stare at the closed doors turn around and see how many windows are open. The hurdles you are encountering today are adding the essential knowledge that you might need tomorrow to ensure your triumph.

Remember the life you are living today is still a dream for many people. Be grateful and accept life as it is. Embrace whatever comes and try your best to make it the best as you can.

“Don’t complain about the wind. Adjust your sail instead.”


182 thoughts on “Complaining Will Never Make Any Circumstance Better!

  1. Wonderfully said Kranti! And if at all people learnt to ignore others negativities too and stop criticising others and instead focus on how they can increase their positivity… It surely will make a big difference and lead us to progress!

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  2. Absolutely true,,,
    We should grateful for what we have not to be greedy for what we don’t have,,,and whenever bad circumstances come in our life we should think about those people who struggle everyday for bread n butter so that we can realise little bit how hard is their life

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    1. Once again heartiest Congratulations dear friend! 🤗 and thank you so much for these amazing words. Let’s radiate some positive vibes together! ✨✨❤️ #godbless
      Love & Regards,

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  3. So agree with you Kanti. The time we used to complain we can use it to try to improve the situation and move along. Sometimes I do like to complain to express my emotions, and then just move along 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much dear for your precious time and even more precious words! You read it and understood the real essence of it. This made me feel worth it! 💖😊

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