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self love

Narcissism, Do you love yourself? Obviously we all love ourselves, think about us, care about us. Our primary priority is us. If we won’t love, respect, and care about us why other’s will bother them for us, they will also take us for granted. In my previous posts, I always talked and emphasized on self-love because I believe an empty vessel can’t quench anyone’s thirst. If we are empty from the inside, don’t have the flow of love in us we can’t love anyone else. Self-love is a beautiful feeling it is a progressive thought that teaches us not only to love ourselves but also to love and respect others in the same way. It is different from self-obsession a self-obsessed person only lives for themselves. When this obsession crosses all its boundaries, it transforms into a disease Narcissism where person become so self-centered that they start to think that they are capable of driving the whole world. They are superior everyone around them needs their validation to do anything. They want to be a role model for all. They love to keep followers who keep praising them their views.  They constantly need attention even if you are talking about any general topic they will revert it to them. They are really conscious about their image, their physical appearance. They don’t take criticism easily. When you first meet them, you always feel positive because they love to leave a great impression. They never show any fear on their face their confidence is incredible but in the longer run, you will start feeling their negative attitude. Their lack of empathy ruins the relationships they always give preference to their feeling over others. They don’t regard or care about others feeling, in fact, they are really good manipulators, demanding, and arrogant. They don’t trust anyone. They give themselves that much of importance that if you will crack any joke or have fun with them, they start feeling that you are trying to make fun of them, they take everything personally and suddenly become loud and angry few times they become really abusive and violent. They tend to hold gurges for long. The biggest problem with Narcissist that they probably don’t know that they have a personality disorder or even if they know they are not ready to accept it. Dealing and living with Narcissist is not easy as they don’t have any boundaries, so you need to set your limits before they show their real colors. You need to be gentle, and patient don’t praise them for supporting their behavior but don’t criticize to trigger them. Once they become angry do not discuss anything otherwise you will burn your fingers. Walk away to make situation calm and light find some other way to discuss your concern might be some indirect examples can help. Never try to argue with them if you do they will ignore you entirely, or even they can blame you for their defense. They always have excuses for their abusive behavior. These people seriously need proper treatment and counseling otherwise they can hurt themselves or others to protect their image. Your timely observation, awareness, and support can help someone to understand their fear and anxiety and fight with this mental illness. Hope this post can assist you in some way to identify and to deal with Narcissism.