Daily Prompt Broken| Our Broken Wings


Broken, This is the most familiar word we all have experienced this word in one way or another. Broken things! Either we throw them away as they don’t carry any worth or we try to restore them by mending them somehow if they are useful for us. Things don’t have life or feelings they only carry monetary value when we associate them with our memories they become precious, however, we human beings have life and feelings both these feelings gives value to our survival. We can change our physical appearance to look attractive and charming, but feelings don’t change they are the natural response to our emotions. We can’t fake them yes we can hide them behind our smile or other reaction. What happens when these true feelings get hurt? No one likes it, but the matter of fact is each of us finds ourselves broken at some point in time. Pain is same, only reasons are different. Pain is terrible and deep it seems we become a hostage of our feelings. We surrender to our situation. With each passing minute, we feel heavy and exhausted. The brain gets numb, and ultimately we get possessed by negative feelings. It’s like we are passing through a dark tunnel that has no end. Indeed it has, pain is the proof of life. Our scars are signs of our struggle, might be our wings are shattered or broken we are not able to fly in the current situation, but our hope and determination are ointment to heal these broken wings they will grow again they are meant to fly and reach new heights. Every dark night is followed by a beautiful sunlight. These wounds are just crack on walls they can’t challenge the existence of wall they can be repaired again by love and affection. Your tears are valuable don’t wipe them let them flow they are the part of your struggle they will cleanse you transform you into the pure and loving soul by brushing off your negativity and replacing wisdom and strength in you. You are far more precious than can be told. Trust in your true self, hear your inner voice you can only change your life!