daily Prompt Explore|Explore Moments!

Explore! as much as this words is adventurous it makes anxious! We do explore different things, feelings, places in our life to make our learning skills more sharper or to satisfy our craving of knowledge! The more we explore the more we discover! As kid we explored our shelter home sweet home! Every corner still has some bitter sweet memories with us. We explored our toys how they work by breaking them! We explored people around us by calling them their names. Once we started school we explored our books playground and friends to get knowledge and have fun with friends! When we were going through teen age we explored ourselves in different ways physically, mentally and emotionally I think most exciting phase yet nerve wracking for most of us! We explored our choices on every single topic of our life. After teen age, we explored our talent to get job. The first job! feeling of being independent, happiness we felt like we got wings to fly in open sky! we explored a whole new world for us through our eyes! to get more opportunities and progress we explored terms hard work and dedication! Once we provided ourselves a stable life which we deserve we begin a search for a right person in our life whom we can share our life like open book and we explored love of our life those moments, butterflies in the stomach! Everyday day we felt a beautiful sunny day and every night we were riding on imagination horses in dreams. After marriage we explore a new chapter of life. New priorities, new responsibilities to fulfill! Once we did that then we come to a point where we explore ourselves those feelings which we couldn’t express or fulfill. We focus on them and start to give time to them for getting little self satisfaction. Journey of our life happens in between explore and discover and at every step we learn something new which we count as our experience to make us more thoughtful and insightful about who we are!