Daily Prompt Genie|Blessings The Real Genie.


Genie, remember when we were a small kid we heard about the Genie in the stories, A spirit who is capable of granting wishes. As a small kid, I always tried hard to search such lamp so I can fulfill all my wishes though I never got the one. Once I grew up I understood that Genie is only a myth. Our real life Genie is something else, yes, that is the blessings. We don’t know how and when but these blessings work. They have the power to fulfill our wishes that is the reason we all go to God’s place to take blessings before we start anything new in life, we take the blessings every morning to make our day peaceful. These blessings are able to save us from bad, when we think anything bad can happen we only remember God, oh God! please help us. Once we come out of the situation we always remember to pay gratitude to god, thank you God for helping us! If we are alone nobody is supporting us still we have a trust God is with us, his blessings will show us the correct path. This trust gives us a strength that makes us capable to face challenges with ease. Each candle we lit in front of God represents our faith in him, in his justice. The hope we get every morning, everything will be alright! that hope is his blessing which is showing a little bit of light in our disappointment to dissolve a lot of darkness. The way it is not easy to get a Genie lamp it is also not easy to get the blessings because God only helps those who help themselves. If we are lazy, not ready to take a single step towards our wishes, his blessings won’t work. We need to take the first step and he will show us, guide us the path. To get his blessings we need to prove that we deserve those blessings by our hard work & dedication and can respect his blessings by being a righteous person in the life. Let’s spread love, compassion, and joy to make our life a blessing!