Embrace Your Beautiful Tears


Tears are really beautiful when we are passing through the waves of emotions they sneak out of eyes and roll down our cheeks. When we are out of words to express our feelings, these tears become our language to communicate. They articulate our happiness, sorrows, loneliness, and pain.

Sometimes when I feel void, tears fall down my eyes. It makes me feel light and comforting, the magical water of eyes fills that inner emptiness. These tears are the evidence of our existence without them we lose the part who we are!

For many of us, tears are the sign of weakness, but the fact of the matter is that tears are the mark of our strength. The people who don’t care about their own feelings who don’t accept their own emotions how they can be strong… acknowledging and accepting is always difficult, it needs strength and courage running away doesn’t!

Let these tears flow freely. Feel these tears embrace these tears every tear is a part of your story, your struggle. They enable you to live your life more fully. Without emotions, our life would be colorless. Hug the person who had tears running down their face. Tell them you care about them. You can connect with someone through tears that you can’t relate in any other way! These healing tears wash away all the pain and bitterness to make our life flourish and bloom!

“Never think you are weak if you cry. Every tear is replaced with wisdom and strength.”