Daily Prompt Fret |Fret moments


Fret, we all face such situations in our daily life where we fret easily. Remember in the morning Alarm is buzzing we want to sleep more we fret, why does time pass faster when we are sleeping! Breakfast is not ready we fret, we don’t want to get late for work. Kids are not ready for the school we fret, oh god! they will get late or they will miss their school bus. We are busy with our work and we heard knocking on the door an uninvited guest is waiting for us to open the door we fret, when and how I will finish my work. If something is not going the way we want we fret. We fret about the Past and the future. The mistakes which we made in past we fret about them because we don’t want to repeat them again. We Fret about the future because we want a beautiful stable future for us and our loved ones but we forget something that is today present moment. Every minute we remain worry we lose our peace of mind. We lose the precious moments we could enjoy. Fret is not a healthy situation. Sometimes we need to give ourselves a deserving break, just relax and enjoy the quality time with our friends and family, enjoy the weather. We can’t control everything, have faith things will work out. Live in the moments, cherish them! Worry won’t give us any solution it will only make situation worst. The more we remain calm the more we can hear us, it is a powerful weapon against fear. A little break not only make us refresh but also it recharges us to face any challenge life throws at us.