Daily Prompt Sleeve | Magical Word Sleeve


Sleeve, A versatile word! I use this word in my daily routine many times in many ways. It depends on the situation we are passing through. When I see I am stuck somewhere I try to find people who have some cool tricks up their sleeves to solve the problem. Infect we all have some skills up in our sleeves that we use at correct time and situation, to use them in a proper way we roll our sleeves up! We are ready to make every possible effort to defy the hurdles in our path and to get most out of the opportunity that makes our challenge more intense and exciting. Few times when we are not able to face the heat of the challenge alone, we take other people’s help whom we can rely on. We make them part of our strategy, tells them every secret of our trade even sometimes we make them learn our skills to get the desired efficiency. As we move towards the success, we find that we were growing a snake up our sleeves. The person was not trust-worthy. They ditched us instead of supporting us. They played with our faith which we had in them. They bit us at the time we needed them the most. Now we have to pay for it. We got the most valuable lesson of our life; Once bitten, twice shy we need to be more cautious before trusting anyone in future as trust is something difficult to establish. It’s fragile, once it breaks it very difficult to rebuild it, the scar would always be there it will never be same again! Make the trust don’t break the trust. It can make a big difference in the life!