Daily Prompt Awkward |Being Awkward Is Good!


Awkward, Awkward situations are like unwanted visitors. When we stuck in awkward moments, we feel embarrassed, nervous, and silly. We keep on thinking why this happened and how to come out or how to face everyone around us? What they are thinking about us? These questions surround us at that moment to make us more anxious. I often feel such moments when I am talking to someone, and they start a topic that might be I am not interested in when suddenly they ask me something. I feel awkward to respond them but can’t leave the talk in between an awkward situation. We all counter such circumstances sometimes when we are in the middle of the argument and realize we are wrong again difficult to react. Few times when you are in a rush somewhere lose yourself in your busy schedule, and you wear clothes in wrong way (inside out) when you realize your mistake oops! It’s really embarrassing! No idea how to handle! These kinds of silly mistakes keep happening they make that moment really heavy on us but when we think, later these moments make us laugh. However always awkward moments are not scary or silly at times if you will observe they can give you the best experience of your life. If you are scared of anything, any activity and you feel really nervous don’t resist to do that, in fact, you should definitely do it. Take it as a challenge face your fear! It will boost your confidence, your willpower and above all, you will be surprised to realize your actual strength and potential that was covered under your fear. I actually create awkward moments to make my loved ones laugh to bring them out of stress at that time they might think I am behaving silly, but yes later they feel relaxed and appreciate my silly efforts of making them happy. These awkward moments make life more lively, funny and learning experience without these moments life would be awkward we will miss that joy and laughter which these moments hold in them. We cannot handle a difficult situation by a problematic attitude. Stress will only give birth to stress. If a situation is complicated, we need to be calm and comfortable to reach any fruitful conclusion. Be awkward to bring out the flawed, wacky, weird, stunning and magical person that you are!