Does It really Worth To Take Pain?



Pain, no one wants to hear this word but we all feel this at some point of time. Pain is inevitable. A feeling which is a part and parcel of life shows its presence in some or other way. When it comes to us what reaction we often give? Ouch..really bad, nasty, worst even we tag it life sucking! Sometimes it left us in silence, isn’t it? Few of us have a habit to suppress the pain & few of us generally express through our reaction. Pain can happen in our physical body or emotional but impacts are always proportional if it happens in physical body it conquers us emotionally and if it happens emotionally it will impact on our physical body. 

What is the pain? Pain is an unpleasant condition a feeling which makes us feel uncomfortable in the situation we are living. We distress ourselves if, it is physical pain we normally go to good medicine practitioner for healing but, if we get emotional hit it has more intense effects! It drains us fully leaves us to feel shattered. Loneliness makes us feel dishearten we lose our confidence. We become more frustrated and impatient. We start reacting to small issues which we generally like to ignore in the normal situation.

We want someone whom we can count to share our feelings. Sometimes we get shoulder where we can put our head and few times we have to fight alone with our feelings, which is more difficult as our fight is with ourselves. We know the cause of pain still, we don’t like to accept we like to hide those feeling to move ahead as we don’t want ourselves to be a matter of gossip or sympathy for other’s but, Is it a correct way to heal ourselves? Definitely no, if we will move on without treating old wounds those wounds will always come and haunt us. An Open wound is always a reason for getting new wounds. Whenever we will get hurt on old scar definitely we will scream with same pain.

Before few years I passed through both injuries at the same time. I never knew I am happily sleeping in the night and next morning I would be dating with doctors & medicines in the emergency room. I won’t able to stand on my feet for few days. I felt my life was stopped although my husband & kid both were standing with me, I was clearly able to see my pain on their face which made me feel more terrible than anything else. After reaching home the first thing I asked my husband to take a click of me with crutches and his reaction was Are you mad? You are talking like this in such pain where you can’t even stand without support. I replied him I know pain is intense but I don’t want it to grab me. Though I knew it was a difficult task to get back to normal situation. I challenged myself every day I fought with my pain. I was determined I will not allow this pain to stop my life and it paid me back today I am out of that pain running and even dancing in rain!

Does it really worth to take the pain? Pain taught me a lot it gave me a deep understanding whom and what I can count in my life? How we ignore those little moments which matters to us most? A little smile can make our faith more strong. How a little hope goes long way to create incredible wonder? Pain is significant to life after struggling with the pain we understand what true happiness is! It’s true without pain there is no gain when mom takes pain baby arrives a bundle of happiness that pain strongly bound a kid with their parents. Our survival start with pain and we starts most beautiful journey “journey of life” isn’t it? We all pass through that dark night to get little sunshine in our life to make life brighter & worthy if we bend our knees in front of pain. How will we get our life back enjoy every moment like a blessing?

Any kind of pain whether it is physical or emotional comes with its value and that valuable learning change us our outlook about the life for better tomorrow. Physical pain always tells us to give ourselves more time and attention it makes us learn how our body matter to us while emotional pain comes with the strength to make our will more strong and insightful. We are not living life because we want to survive in a storm but it’s more than that, it’s all about to live life to its fullest even enjoy the inevitable storm of life. This makes our life worthy to live, do this?

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