Are We Original?


Few days before, my kid and I were talking about social behavior; suddenly a thought ran through my head Are we original? Many of us have asked this question many times when we look at our reflection in the mirror. We all are carrying two faces, one for society in which we are living and one for ourselves, Who we are?

I did not fly out of my thinking, and my sister asked me a question, Why kids are so innocent? I replied as they are true to their soul, they never hide or feel shy to express their feelings. They do not care about what people might think. If they want to cry they cry, if they are happy they laugh loudly, even if they are scared they never hide they will hug us tightly, that’s why they look so peaceful and positive. After giving her reply, I asked myself, Do we express our emotions transparently? Usually when we want to cry we don’t, we hide our tears and shed them when we are alone Why? True, a person who cries either people tag them as weak personality or sympathize them, if we want to laugh loudly, we don’t because it has been declared inappropriate by the society. People will think we are crazy! When we feel scared, we want to hug our loved ones as kids do but we don’t, infect we always show we are strong and bold Why? Exactly as we don’t want to give any chance to anyone, to crack a joke on us or laugh at us.

Nature blessed us with the unique qualities, which make us original. Are we able to maintain those qualities? No, as we grow up, we lose those qualities or mold them to fulfill our desires. Sometimes we become a politician who believes in ‘divide and rule’ policy, we act diplomatically to achieve our goals, or sometimes we become good manipulator who manipulates all the principals to make the situation in their favor, to take the lead. We become so self-centered that we start to cheat and pull out others to confirm our success. We create such scenario and blame others Why? Very true, as we do not want to ruin our image, our position in society.

Why are we walking along with two faces? Actually, we are possessive about the society we live in. We don’t want to come out of our self-proclaimed image. We always like to judge others, but we don’t want to judge ourselves! We don’t want to correct our mistakes, that’s why we always try to justify us, in that process, we kill our conscience. In short, we are afraid to face ourselves. We don’t want to answer our deeds, do we?

I would appericiate hearing your thoughts!