Does Gratitude Build Powerful Attitude?


Yesterday I was sitting alone; suddenly my daughter came to me she hugged me and said mom thank you, I love you! You are my sunshine! I smiled back and said, love, you a lot! The way she showed her gratitude it gave me a thought. I love my family, my friends a lot! Did I show my gratitude towards them the way I should? Often we celebrate Thanksgiving and other festivals to show love and respect for our loved ones but Is it enough to do that? Should gratitude be limited to a day, occasion or incident? When We help someone sometimes they are familiar to us or even sometimes strangers they say us thank you, and that makes us feel good we accept that with a great smile, few times this beautiful gesture allows us to make new friends!

Remember our parents how much they loved us they did their best to give us best. They spend quality time with us they made us feel how important we are to them, their life. They taught us values. They helped us in creating our identity! Without expecting any return from us, their selfless love! Today when we have grown up, we all are busy in our life, We do respect them but, if we will say thank you is that enough?  Definitely, no our true thank would be to know them how much we need them. Their age doesn’t matter to us. Only their love is our blessing!

When we look behind we can say our best time was the time we spent in school college taking education. Our teachers who were our best friends, mentors who made our foundation strong every day, after leaving school college did we take out little time to spend with them? Did we ever tell them how grateful we are to have them? Just think They gave us the lesson to be thankful but did we take that lesson to our heart? Our friends who are always there for us. We have shared our laughter sorrows with them by holding their hands tightly. We still spend time with them but never make them realize how they matter to us, to our lives, do we?

Gratitude needs to be our attitude it’s true! For that, we need to cultivate it. We need to show we are not thankful not only by words but also by our heart. We need to pass the same love and respect we have got. It will not make our attitude powerful, but it will make flow that selfless love which everyone is seeking. Gratitude makes people come together keeping their differences behind. Gratitude can give birth to new relations and sometimes those relations impact much deeper to us! Gratitude needs to be a part of us to make us a better person every day. Gratitude is like pearl wrapped with love inside our heart once we feel it, it makes us peaceful and delighted. Life is too short don’t wait! Show how much we appreciate whatever life has given us. When few words coordinate with our actions it does magic they change our world by nurturing every moment making it more precious and worthwhile to live, isn’t it?

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