Dreams And Desires-Part Of Your Journey…



We all weave some desires & dreams in life. These dreams and desire are like beautiful Fireflies they motivate us to go out of our comfort zone and chase them. They ignite the inner flame that drives us toward the life we want, isn’t it? Dreams & desires are seedlings of growth. They tell us what our heart craves for, where we want to go and what can give us happiness. These dreams and desires are the voice of our soul.

However, sometimes I feel these unfulfilled desires start challenging us. We become a victim of our high expectations. Indeed, the birth of over expectation leads to the disappointments. You lose your contentment by giving all your happiness to that desire which you are dreaming about finally, you drag yourself into negative emotions that cripple your self-confidence. You blame yourself and your destiny for not getting the desired goals. You doubt your abilities and start losing the colors of life.

Remember dreams and desires have no limit, no end. These dreams and desires are the part of our journey, not a destination. Making a bridge between imaginations and the realistic situation will help to come out of this dilemma and gain clarity. Don’t give up probably things get worse before they get better ultimately sun will come out again. Feel happy and blessed even if you can fulfill a little part of what you have desired. At least you tried your best, honor your efforts over doubts. Your little success will inspire you to explore possibilities, Struggle through dark days and dips in life will make you undaunted, empowers you to bring positivity and the desired tranquility in life.


“Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit”

153 thoughts on “Dreams And Desires-Part Of Your Journey…

  1. Lovely post. I agree; our dreams are our dreams for a reason. They can come true sometimes if we work at them and persevere, but we are allowed to change our dreams as we ourselves change as people πŸ™‚ maintaining a positive outlook and a sense of creative problem solving, no matter what our dreams are, is the key to making them come true 😊

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