Inner Conflict- The Most Difficult Battle!

”Sometimes our heads can’t make our hearts understand, and maybe when there is that gap, there is a message or a lesson we’re supposed to learn.”

We all know heart and mind are the human body’s major organs. They are supposed to work together in a harmonious way to make the life an incredible and distinctive creation of the universe. They both are vital to cultivate zest in life.

Sometimes I feel that life is like a blank canvas. Our heart unfolds rainbow colors, and the brush of mind paints them to come all together and alive. Unfortunately often mind and heart start conflicting with each other. You will find yourself in a situation Where your mind is telling you one thing, your heart is saying another. That makes your life a battleground leading you to uncertainty and confusion. Your anxiety causes you to freeze up and become immobilized. It’s so difficult to make peace and take any productive decision at that time. No matter who wins but you are losing yourself isn’t it?

You will notice such a situation only when there is a disparity. Whatever you do or think your conscience constantly witness that. When your emotions take control over conscious and try to suppress its voice your mind can only hear what your emotions speak and start to rationalize it, you end up losing your energy and sometimes going down the wrong path which usually leads to regret.

The best way to cope with this ambivalence is to pause yourself, relax and try to connect with the whispering sound of your inner self. Your inner self-knows the ultimate truth.. what truly matters. It offers the most unbiased and honest point of view. Once you align your mind with your inner voice, you will find that peace, clarity and emotional balance you are deeply longing for, regardless of what challenges life brings.

‘Strengthening your heart-brain connection is the key to accessing your deep, intuitive intelligence.’