The Global Aussie’s Liebster Award Version 2018

Yay! This is my second Liebster Award. Thank you so much Mark, for nominating me. It means a lot when your work is being recognized and appreciated by fellow bloggers. I accept It humbly. Do visit his blog markanthonysblog where he converts his feelings to words through writing. He is a fantastic and talented blogger.


Words from the Global Aussie :

“2018 is upon us and it’s time to start the new year-round of the official rules of the Liebster Award 2018 to give other blogs exposure to the internet. If you are returning, I’ve updated this article to include new questions and images for you to use in your own blog posts. Each year I read every single entry and pick the blog with the most unique and creative questions. The winning blog wins a prize. Each blog gets one entry.

To enter you must:

•Link the Global Aussie’s blog post in your Liebster Award blog post ( Here’s their link: )
•Answer the questions given to you (if nominated, if you were not nominated you can use the Global Aussie’s questions)

•Create more questions for your nominees to answer (They’re looking for unique and creative ones)
•Comment on the blog post from the Global Aussie with a link DIRECTLY to your Liebster award. To make it easy to be read.

Entries start 1st Jan 2018 and ends on 25th Dec 2018. The winner will be picked on the 31st of December.”

There are some additional rules, here:
• Thank the person who nominated you
• Display the award on your post.
• Write a small post about what makes you passionate about blogging.
• Provide 10 random facts about yourself.
• Nominate 5-11 other blogs for this award

What makes you passionate about blogging ?

I think everyone needs a space where they can freely express and share their thoughts, feelings, and experience. Blogging gives me that space where I can give words to my thoughts. For me, blogging is about embracing imperfection through creativity. Here you need not be perfect you only need to be true to yourself!

My 10 random facts :

  1. I Always wanted to be a Journalist but due to circumstances I couldn’t.
  2. For me, It is always difficult to hide my feelings my face tells everything even if I won’t.
  3. I Love to watch the sky, and Its different shades.
  4. I am not a good dancer, but I really like to dance in the rain 💃
  5. Reading books is my favorite hobby. Different countries and their culture are my favorite subject.
  6. I like to watch Romantic & Comedy movies though paranormal is my favorite time pass television show  👻
  7. I love north Indian food. It’s mouthwatering 😋
  8. I am good at reading eyes. I always believe eyes are the reflection of the heart ❤️
  9. I am a daddy’s girl.
  10. Petrichor(earthy scent when rain falls on dry soil) is my favorite smell. It’s refreshing!

Now to questions and my answers :

I will try my best!

1. If you can be at this particular place in the world, where will it be? Give your reason/s.

Switzerland! I love the beauty of this place. It is a heaven on the earth.

2. What’s your greatest dream? And why?

My greatest dream is to see my daughter fulfilling her dreams. She is my life!

3. Which is more important? Education or Respect?

Well, I think true essence of education is to be humble, respect yourself and others. So definitely education.

4. When did you started blogging and what’s your story behind that blog of yours?

I started blogging a few months ago in March. I always feel when we discover and start anything new in our life we are always motivated, but after few days or months, we lose that charm and excitement at that point we need a little encouragement and that little inspiration goes a long way!

5.  What’s the greatest thing you’ve received here in blogosphere?

Support and love from fellow bloggers.

6. If you’ll be underestimated, how will it affect you and your life?

I think it all depends how we count ourselves in life. If I feel underestimated I always take it as a challenge not to prove others but to prove myself I can do it!

 7. What’s this scenario that became the worst experience for your years of living?

secret!! 🤫

8. Do you cry when you’re in love with a celebrity or known person? Explain.

For celebrity never it is so difficult to reveal their real face. Known person yes.

9. What’s this song that tear your heart when you listen to it? Why?

Zindgi Pyar ka geet Hai isey har dil ko gaana pdega. It is profound and heart touching! ❤️

10. Did you ever deny yourself?

Never, I Love who I am.

11. Forgive and forget or hate and revenge? Where are you? Why?

Forgive and forget. I don’t want to hurt myself repetitive times. Instead, I would love to heal myself.

My Nominees



Thought for Change

Thoughtful Hues


In A Messy World

My questions
  1. One dream you are chasing to fulfill?
  2. Beach or Mountain?
  3. What is the inspiration behind your blogging?
  4. What is your biggest fear?
  5. One thing you admire in yourself?
  6. One thing you wish you can change in yourself regarding your behavior?
  7. What would you love to watch night sky or waves in the ocean?
  8. Which Kind of movie would you prefer to watch horror, romantic, action or comedy?
  9. Anything which makes you happy when you are sad and nervous?
  10. Your favorite month and color?
  11. What would you prefer street food or fine dining?

Once again thank you, Mark. I wish you much happiness and success!

64 thoughts on “The Global Aussie’s Liebster Award Version 2018

  1. Heartiest congratulations! You totally deserve this beautiful award! And thankyouuuu so much for the nomination Kranti! I will do it really soon. I have a few posts pending but I am working on them. Hope you dont mind the delay! Thankyou again! 💜

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Can you please check your spam I think there you will find my comments and might be other people comments. Some WP glitch is going on.. Please let me know once you find. Thanks you so much!


      2. Ya…you are right.
        Even I was facing some issue with posting comments and all.
        No worries, I saw your post on same.
        Congratulations & Thanks…
        Soon I will also post on this Award 😊


      3. No problem Fariha, I just want to make sure you are getting my comments as yesterday evening I commented on your new award post and I found it missing! Thank you so much and congrats to you too! 😊


  2. Congratulations again💕💕💕😃
    Your random facts 2 and 10 true for me too😄
    Paranormal shows??
    I hope you don’t scare away those ghosts😁

    Congrats again dear!!
    It’s good to know more about you🤗

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much Yasmin! Glad to know we relate to few facts! Really, I do watch paranormal shows. Sometimes I also think that ghosts are scared of me as I can’t see them😜🤗😀


      1. Thanks a lot for nominating me dear 💞 ….. I’m good and hope you are good too…… I’m not keeping well now a days but I’ll try to take part…. Thanks again 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I am good dear! Sorry to hear that you are not keeping well! No Problem, I can understand.. you can do it anytime you feel… for me, it is enough you will try… thank you so much for letting me know.. take care!💗😊


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