Don’t Forget Your Remarkable Journey!



“Sometimes It’s The Journey That Teaches You A Lot About Your Destination

Often we forget our journey in search of a destination. We only remember the milestones we achieved, but we forget to embrace the valuable experiences we have gained in the course of our journey that ensures we learned something which made us better than what we were.

While making this journey, we pass through many phases. Sometimes life feels like a desert. Our failures, disappointments begin to prickle us. The painful wounds make us difficult to walk. The hot, dry winds of negativity try to deter us from our path but to quench our thirst we keep moving with hope and courage. After facing so many challenges, life enters into a beautiful phase. We find ourselves standing beneath warm healing rays. The soft wind soothes our nerves, and shining opportunities banish all the negativity from life. Our dreams begin to blend into reality. We find it so satisfying. We may still fall, but our experience has taught us, a tapestry of lives rest upon the balance of the contradictions. Without dusk there is no dawn, without a struggle, there is no progress.

These defining experiences shape the journey of our life. They guide us through the darkness of confusion and doubt. Every experience is unique and enlightening in life as it comes with a purpose to make us ready for the next chapter of life. These experiences are filled with hidden blessings and adventures. Take a moment to appreciate your journey and they have enriched your life. This will give you confidence that you can evolve once again.

“It’s the journey that matters in the end.”


147 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Your Remarkable Journey!

  1. Very beautifully said Kranti!
    You’re so right . Each experience is a part of God’s Plan for our own personal destiny! That’s why it’s so important to appreciate each experience no matter how horrible some of them are … they’re all a part of God’s Plan and it’s funny how sometimes you look back … and you’re just grateful. Grateful for things it taught you and the strength you gained from it. Great Post Love as always!! ♥️

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    1. Hey Jess, how are you doing now?

      Absolutely true Jess! Thank you so much dear for reading and appreciating! Like always I was eagerly waiting for your words! The words of appreciation are coming from your side …This means a lot to me!! ♥️

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      1. You’re welcome my love !!! ♥️ and I’m doing much better. I’m still trying to recover and the process seems like it’s taking forever !! Slowly but surely progress is being made lol

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    1. Absolutely!! Thank you so much dear for your precious time and even more precious words! I am so glad you loved it! The words of appreciation are coming from your side …This means a lot to me 😊

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  2. Kranti, you have delivered a message worth reading and sharing!!! so meaning times we want to just get somewhere or possess a thing… that we can’t enjoy how we got there or what it required… Also I try to keep in mind, that my journey is also creating a path that some may need to follow… See your message has provoked my thoughts…

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    1. Absolutely true sometimes your experiences create a path for others! Thank you so much dear for reading and sharing your views! Your compliments have uplifted me higher….I am totally humbled by your kindness 😊

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      1. Haha.. no dear you are not! Actually I think I’m going down with a cold. I’ve got a sore throat and other cold symptoms!!

        Thank you so much dear for your concern and constant support.. means a lot ❤️🤗

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  3. Agree…. Without struggle, no progress… When we struggle and face challenges and tackle them we are able to find out the right way. How to tackle the challenges in order to achieve what we desired is the key aspect of any success. The more challenges and struggles, one becomes much stronger and each of the challenges give us experience which ultimately help us in our decision making or making the right choice… When we achieve something we feel proud but we should not forget how we achieved it, what struggles and challenges we faced and we can definitely share that experiences with those who are enthusiastic about their goals… 😊👍

    Very nice post indeed… Liked it a lot… 👍🙏😊

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    1. Thank you so much dear Sajal for reading and appreciating and I really appreciate the fact, that you take out your precious time to read and comment ..This means a lot to me 😊


  4. In this journey of life, i am constantly reminded that God grants his battles to his strongest soldiers. We need to address that with fortitude and positivity. Thank you for for the reminder, its the nuggets we collect along the way that enrichens us. 🌺🌸

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  5. Thank you Kranti for this wonderful reminder. It so easy to neglect the journey especially when our gaze is so fixated on the destination. But it’s through the journey that wonders and amazing growth happens. The journey matters just as much as the destination. Great post!

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    1. Thanks a lot, dear Sumeet! You have always blessed me with your precious time and kind compliments ….This means a lot to me ..And I am really glad you liked it …♥️😊


    1. Haha.. dhanya to hum ho gye prabhu aapke darshan paa kr aur Dhanya yeh post ho gyi aapka aashirwad le kr.. bus apni kripa bnaye rkhe 🙏😊

      Thank you so much Lord Unni ji! Your compliments have uplifted me higher….I am totally humbled by your kindness 💙💙


  6. Good positive stuff! Destination and Path…I don’t know which one to focus more?
    Should one become like Arjuna who just focused on the eye of the fish or live like anonymous and enjoy the journey!

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    1. Haha.. The pressure only creates diamonds, from the coal! Arjuna also had gone through tough and challenging journey to gain that focus.. without journey there is no destination!!

      Thank you so much dear! I really appreciate the fact, that you take out your precious time to read and comment ..This means a lot to me 😊


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