Does The Past Matter?


Does the past matter? Past does not matter, but past experiences always matter. If anyone asks me about my treasure I would surely answer past experiences, some of them are sweet, and some are sour. These experiences are vital to present. We gained these experiences by passing through a lot of hurdles. They help us to shape our personality, isn’t it? The lessons we learned from our past, we cannot learn by any other medium, they give a strong base to our perspective. None of us come down on this earth with knowledge, we all learn here only when we face this world. Time and circumstances become our teacher. We learn to manage ourselves, our emotions to manifest our thoughts into action which is very valuable learning in itself.

Remember all those fun-filled, learning childhood memories that we all are carrying today with us. Why we often try to recreate them? Apparently not only to live our childhood again but also for our kids to enjoy and experience them as well. We all know the childhood experience influences the development. The Lessons they are getting today will groom them and mold them for better tomorrow. Their thought process, their mindset, attitude, expectations, social behavior all are altered or shaped by the experiences they are taking today.

Can we make better present without past experience? Certainly not, in our present strategies we can clearly see the reflection of our past experience. My Father told me once never forget your past if you want to get success in the present. Your past will give you actual identity what you are and what you want to be? The more obstacles you have faced in the past, the more you are moving forward to achieve your best in the present. I took his words; now my past failure is my inspiration that made me much stronger and optimistic person in life. It not only helped me to understand myself better but also the other people I come across every day. Definitely, Our past experiences help us to understand their intentions in a better way. We evaluate them and treat them accordingly.

Our Past is our memory book, and every chapter has its own story and color. When we revisit we find few episodes we love to read, again and again, our actions not only inspire us but others too, few chapters are bitter they have memories that are heartbreaking even now we can feel the same pain and tears in our eyes. Few sections are colored with happiness and love we always love to cherish them. Our past gives us a better vision for the present. Our life is continuously trying to make us learn, what we need to know now, by letting us face the wounds in the past. Each scar has built strength, and endurance of our character. Our experience becomes our learning and our learning makes us more mature to think, behave and create our own life. The good things we are receiving today are the direct result of the things that have happened in the past. All the flowers of the tomorrow are in the seeds of today so try to fill all the beautiful rainbow colors in today to make this today magnificent, fruitful, and blissful for bright and sunny tomorrow, before it becomes a chapter of past.

We all have some sweet and sour memories of past. Let’s share this treasure that no one can steal. Share your memories in comments! I can’t wait to read them!

– Kranti


49 thoughts on “Does The Past Matter?

  1. Sister, I can much relate to it. Basically, I think about my past every time. Perhaps, I can’t even get out from those riddles. More than thinking about experience I intimate towards those past things.

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    1. So glad bro you can relate to it! It happens.. at some point in time we all get stuck.. but the good thing is..if you notice the conclusion.. you will find that conclusion plays a significant role in the present… don’t worry!! Sometimes we don’t know the answers of why and how in life but they all serve a purpose.. time unfolds these riddles! ✨😊

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  2. The “Past” could be tricky. Could be helpful in a way and also take you into back into a shell. That said, the past is important coz for one it cannot be changed and the only way forward is the pillars of our life which we have constructed in the years gone by. Look at the positives and surge ahead.
    Wonderful post!

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    1. Absolutely, If past takes us into a shell definitely it shows us the way on which we can construct the pillars of present life. Past is kind of foundation.. Thank you so much dear for sharing your thoughts!! 😊

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    1. Hey, Richa I am doing good! Hope you are feeling better! Thank you so much for nominating me for this tag. This tag is little more challenging for me well I am not a good photographer πŸ˜œπŸ˜€ but definitely, it is fun too! 😊❀️

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      1. Aere.. Trust me you don’t have to be a good photographer for this tag – just some random clicks of how/what your day looks like! Zero pressure!😊
        Take your time sweetie, no hurries! And even if you are not up for it, there’s no sweat about it.❀️
        Btw.. I am doing much better now! Thanks much. You are a sweetheart!😍

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      2. No problem yar! I am not a good photographer but good at taking random clicks! Infect I am feeling good about this tag! Love to give myself challenge!! I just wish people don’t get sweat after that post.. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€good to hear you are feeling better! Again.. no thanks.. only take care!😊❀️

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      3. Haha.. Don’t worry! It’s time people see the “new-photograhic” version of you! Yay! 😁😁
        Looking forward to see your “day in pictures!” Love and light!❀️

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading the post! 😊 I tried your link but it’s not working getting response invalid link!!


  3. What an amazing post. Even today, at sixty, I learn from wisdom like this…it’s time to realize that even what hurts us has made us grow.

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  4. Lovely post.
    Last year, my beloved Gran died. When I sitting with her in the hospital, knowing she didn’t have long left, I started to sing some old favourite songs to her, read her favourite poem aloud, and when my voice gave up, I found some old music she loved on YouTube and played it to her. I knew this would be my last memory of us together, and even though she was barely conscious and couldn’t respond, I wanted to make sure our last moments together were special and memorable. I think about those hours nearly every day.
    Thank you for sharing this

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    1. sweet of you! God rest her soul. Definitely you created special memories with her, they are really worth to treasure! Loved to read your feelings. Thank you for stopping by and sharing these beautiful memories!πŸ’›πŸ™‚βœ¨

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    1. I agree, Pia don’t worry if it hurts that means it taught a strong lesson which is needed for the beautiful present! Thanks Pia for reading and sharing your opinion! πŸ’›βœ¨

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  5. Hello Kranti, thank you and interesting post! Yes, I do have many interesting memories from this lifetime. What about past lifetimes? (View my post on elaborate to see more πŸ˜‰ )

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    1. Dear, I have no idea about such term past lifetime so I can’t predict or comment about that, for me this lifetime is precious. The experience I am getting is precious. The memories I revisit and learn is treasure for me. Thank you for reading the post and sharing your views with me!πŸ’›πŸ™‚βœ¨

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  6. Reblogged this on juantetcts and commented:
    Too many nuggets of wisdom here not to share! While dragging the past into the future isn’t always best, it works well for me when I apply the lessons learned from the past, to my present situation!

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