Daily Prompt Flaunt |Flaunt A Silent Killer.


Flaunt, At some point in time we all flaunt our possessions, abilities or qualities. It is typical human behavior, few of us flaunt their wealth to make their position dominant in the society to influence other people in the community. Few of us flaunt the abilities and skills that we have earned by our hard efforts or might be unique qualities which God has provided us, and we brushed up them for the best. After all, we are living in a materialistic world where the show and tell make a big difference in life. If we don’t display in a certain way, we won’t able to obtain other people’s admiration. Its the pride that gives us feeling of being superior, Isn’t it? Well, This flaunting behavior is the cause of many problems. It gives birth to comparison, jealousy, disappointment and, some time inferiority complex. People who are trying hard, but still not able to compete with other’s they get disappointed and some time to satisfy the craving of respect and position they misguide themselves. They make wrong choices and eventually ruin what they have. Jealousy steals all their happiness, conflicts and insecurity take the place of love, and finally, the relationship doesn’t get proper space to breath and grow, and it starts to wilt. Few people feel depressed they stop themselves to mingle with others they feel more comfortable in living alone than facing such dilemma. God created us equal, with some unique qualities. God provided something to everyone instead of comparing and looking for what we don’t have we need to explore, embrace and appreciate those unique qualities which we have. As a responsible person, we need to stop this baseless pomp and show to make this beautiful world more beautiful by spreading love and Unity to make it a positive place for all of us to enjoy without holding any grudge!



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